How often should kitchen exhaust be cleaned?

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How often should kitchen exhaust be cleaned?

How often should kitchen exhaust be cleaned

How Often Should Your Kitchen Exhaust Be Cleaned?

One of the most important fire safety features in your commercial kitchen is the kitchen exhaust system. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) 96 Standard requires professional cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system between once a month and once a year, depending on the volume of food cooked, the type of food served, and the type of fuel used.

A grease and debris buildup in your kitchen exhaust system is a major fire hazard. In fact, cooking equipment, specifically unclean or poorly maintained exhaust systems, is the leading cause of restaurant fires. A professional cleaning company will have the specialized equipment and trained personnel required to thoroughly and safely clean your kitchen exhaust system.

Don’t put it off until it’s too late; make sure you’re following the NFPA 96 Standard and having your kitchen exhaust system cleaned on a regular basis!

What exactly is the NFPA 96 Standard?

“The NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations specifies how to design, install, operate, and maintain commercial kitchen exhaust systems. The Standard is widely used by code officials, engineers, architects, and others involved in commercial kitchen design and construction.”

The Advantages of Cleaning Your Kitchen Exhaust System on a Regular Basis

If you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you almost certainly have an exhaust system to help ventilate your space. However, how frequently should this system be cleaned? Many experts recommend cleaning your exhaust system at least once every three months, if not more frequently. Here are some of the advantages of cleaning your kitchen exhaust system on a regular basis:

1. Fire prevention – One of the most important advantages of cleaning your kitchen exhaust system on a regular basis is fire prevention. Grease and other debris can easily ignite, resulting in a dangerous fire. You can help prevent this by cleaning your system on a regular basis.

2. Improved air quality – Another advantage of cleaning your kitchen exhaust system on a regular basis is improved air quality. Grease and another buildup in your system can cause harmful fumes to be released into the air. This can cause respiratory issues in your employees and customers. Cleaning on a regular basis will help to keep the air quality in your kitchen fresh and clean.

3. Increased equipment life – Finally, cleaning your kitchen exhaust system on a regular basis will increase the life of your equipment. When grease and other debris accumulate on fans and other system components, they can begin to fail prematurely. This can result in costly repairs or replacements in the future. You can help extend the life of your system by keeping it clean.

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